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New Year’s day race 2020

1. Steve C 9 points 

2. John B 11½ 

3. Chris B 12¼ 

(seven entrants)



Notice of Club Racing and Sailing Instructions

Ryde Model Yacht Club                                                                                         February 2019

  1. Rules. Racing will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing including Appendix E except where amended by these SIs.
  2. Eligibility and Entry. Racing is open to all members of RMYC, members of MYA affiliated clubs, and temporary members agreed by an officer of the club.
  3. Boats. 

a. All boats and rigs must have a valid Marblehead Class Measurement Certificate. Exceptionally, nominated Measurers may provide temporary approval for boats to race while awaiting formal measurement.  

b. Competitors shall not routinely change boats during a series. Exceptionally, should a boat be damaged and rendered unsailable during a series, a substitute boat may be used for the remainder of that series. 

  1. Fees. A day’s race entry fee at a rate set at the Annual General meeting (currently £1.00) will be paid by competitors prior to the Countdown for the first race.
  2. Race Officer. In the absence of a dedicated Race Officer, competitors will fulfil this role rotating in turn heat by heat in the same order as they appear on the race sheet
  3. . The Race Officer will be responsible for:

  • The safe and fair conduct of that heat in accordance with these instructions;
  • Designation of a Control Area if needed to promote fair sailing.
  • Designation and promulgation of the course for that race
  • Time of start for that heat;
  • Recording of the result.
  • Resolving any radio frequency conflicts.

  1. Schedule. Each series shall consist of a number of races to be held on Sunday mornings. Each race shall consist of a number of heats. The first heat will start at 0930 am and thence each heat as decided by the Race Officer for that race. Heats shall start as soon as possible after completion of the previous heat by all competitors except in exceptional circumstances. Match Racing, when arranged, will be carried out on completion of points racing.
  2. The Course. The course for each race will be indicated on the course board and posted in the vicinity of the start line. The Race Officer is responsible for advising all competitors of any course change between heats.
  3. Launching. A boat scheduled to race may be launched, held in a launching area, taken ashore or re-launched at any time during a heat. However boats shall not be released for the first time within 1 minute of the start of each heat, or after the first boat has finished.
  4. Adjustments Ashore. When ashore or within a launching area boats may be adjusted, drained of water, disentangled from any objects fouling appendages, rigs changed, or necessary repairs made to hull or equipment. Such repairs and adjustments should not interrupt the usual schedule of heats other than at the discretion of the Race Officer.

11. Starting Races. Heats will normally be started at the end of a 2 minute audio countdown as follows:

2 Minutes. Warning signal.

1 minute. Preparatory Signal. All competing boats to be in water and subject to these rules.


  1. General Recalls. In the event of a General Recall the start sequence may be initiated at the Preparatory Signal (1 minute).
  2. Finishing Heats. When a competitor fails to finish a heat within 5 minutes of the first boat, the Race Officer may award finishing places and points on the basis of current positions.
  3. Penalties. A boat may take a one-turn penalty to include one tack and one gybe if one or more rules of Part 2 of RRS or Rule 31 (touching a mark) is/are broken. However when a rule in RRS Part 2 and Rule 31 has been broken in the same incident she need not take a penalty for breaking Rule 31.
  4. Significant Advantage. A boat gaining significant advantage following a breach of rules and completion of a one-turn penalty shall complete an additional one-turn penalty.
  5. Scoring. Heats will be scored in accordance with RRS 90.3 (Low Point system) amended as follows


Ist Place                                                         ¾ points


2nd & subsequent points                           Points equating to their finishing posiiton


Boats Retiring (RTD)                                   Number of competitors in that heat plus 1 point


Boats not finishing (DNF)                          Number of competitors in that heat plus 1 point


Boats not starting but within 

the launching area (DNS)                           Number of competitors that day plus 1 point


Boats entered in Series 

but not present in launching

 area on that day                                         Number of competitors that day plus 2 points


Boats disqualified (DSQ)                           Number of competitors that day plus 3 points.

  1. Discards. One discard will be allowed for every 4 heats in which a competitor may sail.  
  2. Obstructions. A pedalo, for the purpose of these rules, is not a “boat” and is an obstruction whether moored or underway.
  3. Withdrawal from Racing. Any boat that withdraws from racing for either a single heat or subsequent heats to be held that day is asked to inform the Race Officer at the earliest opportunity. 


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