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MYA - Model Yachting Association

The MYA is recognised by the RYA as the governing body of Radio and Free Sailing within the UK.

Marblehead Class Radio Sailing UK

Competitive International Marblehead class radio controlled yacht racing in the UK

Weather Links

Bramble met

Bramble met

Bramble met

live wind and weather 

from Bramblemet / Chimet

in the solent.

BBC Weather

Bramble met

Bramble met

 Weather from the BBC 


Bramble met


Wind, waves & weather forecast

Isle of Wight / Appley

Advice & Quiz's

Weather File

Weather File

Weather File

Real time Live current wind speed 

& weather data from Ryde Pier

Rules Quiz

Weather File

Weather File

Think you know the rules for most common racing situations?

Why not test yourself? 

You might be surprised!


International Marblehead Suppliers

Boat Suppliers links or contact details. 

BG Sails and Design – Sails – lines plans – (Anarchy, Grunge, Indie)

David Creed – hulls – foils – components – (Kism, Starkers) +44 (0)151 3427693

Housemartin Sails – Sails – rigging – (Starkers, Gothic)

KBits -Winch Repaires - sail controls

P.J. Sails - Hulls, sails and fittings. 

PDA - Winches

RMG Sailwinch - Winches

Robot Yachts – Hulls – foils (Grunge)

SAILSetc – Sails – lines plans – foils – components – completed yachts – (Paradox, Rok, Strad, Prime Number, Quark)

SmartWinchUK - Winch's 

Taylor Made Yachts – Lines plans – hulls – completed yachts – (Pixel, Astrix)

Ulman Sails – Sails – fittings – rigging